100 Strains to Try

For some, cannabis may simply be a method to combat chronic pain or other medicinal issues. For the recreational smoker, it may be about staying constantly blazed, or one may have more of a connoisseur approach and seek out as many strains as possible to experience the complex array of terpenes.

Leafly released a list of 100 strains to try before you die. In future, we’ll be covering various lists about top recommended strains, however this downloadable document allows you to also keep track of the strains you’ve smoked, “Got to smoke ’em all”.

Let us know in the comments below how many of these 100 strains you’ve smoked.

One thought on “100 Strains to Try

  1. Terence Whitlock says:

    Just wanna say from being atound b4 most of u were a sparkle in Daddy’s eye & suffering the injustice of the Dagga days its incredible how far we’ve come as human beings apart from the ego-testical growers that live to dominate (which by the way is a weakness) i truly love this site & all the true blue individuals that post happy thoughts & character building comments. I’ve started my debut at growing & im neither scared to ask or retaliate to cheek concetning requests for info. May all of u that deserve praise know im talking about u. Big praise for the service & friendliness of the staff etc. May u all live forever. Stay true & above all respect what u see in the mirror. A thousand blessings. T.

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