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We understand, there’s a lot of queries when it comes to cannabis seeds, and understandably so, the plant is complex and at times even fussy. In order to help you better understand both the plant and our products we’ve put together this article of some of the more frequently asked questions.

Why Aren’t My Seeds In Sealed Breeder Packs?

Vast majority of our listed breeders are sold in their original sealed packaging. The only exceptions for this are for budget seeds which are acquired in large bulk and then split into singles for customers. Since we need to split these packs into smaller sizes, we aren’t able to provide the original packaging for the customers.

My Seeds Popped But Then Fell Over

Damping off occurs most often when the substrate is too moist in the early stages of seedlings. Seedlings require very little water and over-watering can lead to ‘damping off’, where the plants will collapse under their own weight. If you have signs of a plant that has this happening, you can confirm damping off by looking at the lower stem, it will often become very narrow at a single point near the base.

How Long Does It Take For an Order to Arrive?

We aim to get orders out within 3 – 5 business days once payment being received. In most cases we reach this goal, though there are occasional outliers, especially when Eskom takes away a quarter of our business day. After being shipped, it’s left with the courier. We wish we had control over their delivery times, but there are sometimes delays which may prevent a 3 – 5 day delivery window (from payment) from being reached. Because of this, we advise our customers to allow for 7 to 10 days. This is a conservative estimate and orders will usually be delivered before this period. If after 10 days you have not received your product, please do reach out to us so we may assist.

“Can You Tell Me What Stock You Have”?

A question we receive fairly often, and the answer is no. We stock dozens of breeders and have over a thousand strains listed. The best way to see our stock is to visit our website, our shop has all our products which are available, items that are not in stock will say so and not be available for purchase. Please check the site.

Can I Request a Strain be Brought in For Me?

Absolutely. We currently use a notify system as our primary means for ordering. That is to say, when an item is out of stock on our website you will be able to enter your email address and receive an update when it’s back in stock. We go through the list of subscribed strains when we do orders and will order specifically what you guys have been asking for. If you don’t see the strain in stock or out of stock on the site, reach out to us on social media or via email and we will do our best to assist in bringing in what you’re looking for.

What is the Difference Between Autoflower, Regular and Feminized?

Autoflowers are bred using genes that come from the Ruderalis plant, a type of cannabis plant native to Siberia which evolved to flower differently to traditional photoperiod plants. Photoperiod plant will only flower when there is around 12 hours or more of darkness, this triggers a hormonal response in the plant that leads to flowering. The autoflowering trait of the ruderalis works off time instead. After 2 to 6 weeks (typically) of vegging, the plant will automatically begin that hormone switch and begin working on flowers.

Autoflowers will therefore not be as large as their photoperiod counterparts given that they flower so quickly, but even then it’s possible to get good yields from autos when they are grown correctly (see next question).

Autoflowers can be both feminized and regular, though is mostly sold as feminized.

The difference between a regular seed and a feminized seed is that a feminized seed has been bred using two females (typically by repressing the plant’s version of estrogen), meaning it only has X chromosomes in it, therefore all seeds will be female. Male pollen contains a Y chromosome however, and regular seeds are ones which have been pollinated by a male. Regular seeds are the most natural of seeds, but this means each seed will have an equal chance of being male or female.

If you’re new to growing, you may want to start with a feminized seed – so you know that you’ll be getting some bud at the end if all goes right. You cannot smoke male plants.

What Are Your Strongest Strains?

Unfortunately it’s not that simple of a question to answer. A strain is only going to be as strong as the grower allows it to get, yes genetics do play a role in the potential of the plant – but your fixation shouldn’t be so much on the THC as knowing the lineage of the strain and how the high from that line typically makes itself felt.

Certain strains are definitely bred more for potency than other expressions of the plant, but with over a thousand strains and new ones being brought in constantly, it’s tough to keep tabs on the exact percentage values. THC results vary even between the labs they are tested at. So we recommend simply looking for breeders who focus on strength.

Research is also important, and don’t simply rush into buying a strain. Read some posts on forums about how it grows, the potency and the effects. Each person reacts differently to terpenes as well, some find fruity terpenes get them where they want to be while others require OG genetics to get the high they are after.

Why Didn’t I Get a Freebie?

We strive to offer freebies where available in some form or another, however it is dependent on what we receive from our wholesale orders, at least when it comes to seeds. Freebies will be applicable in cases where our supplier/breeder has given freebies to be provided with customer orders. Unfortunately these freebies will be limited and once they run out we may be unable to provide free seeds.

We will attempt to provide free accessories such as grinders, papers, stickers etc for orders over a certain amount, if we have no free seeds in hand.

We are constantly looking at our service and how we can improve, we hope to find a viable way to be more consistent in providing freebies to customers in future.

Can I Grow Autos Outdoors?

You can, but you should set yourself realistic expectations. Autoflowers can grow anywhere, but they demand very high amounts of light. When grown indoors many auto growers will run 20 hours of lights on and 4 hours of lights off. This is because autos have a timer of sorts, you only have a few weeks to ensure you give it the best conditions possible. Grown in the peak of summer in a garden with minimal light interference, we’ve seen some clients achieve large, high yielding autos.

However, if you’re only getting 10 hours of direct light a day – you can expect a much smaller plant and lower yield. You will also need to factor in any kind of additional stresses which may stunt growth. You want to give autos the best possible start.

Why Are Some Seeds So Expensive Compared to Others?

Seed prices vary depending on a number of factors, when it comes to budget genetics you can still find some quality plants. But the more expensive seeds are typically from high end breeders who invest years into refining a single cross. The amount of time and space that is required for their pheno hunting and stabilization, requires them to charge more for the seed. Cheaper genetics can still offer a great plant, but your likelihood for finding keeper phenos and boutique looking bud is going to be much higher from the more expensive, high end breeders.

What is Biltong and Budz Bulk? Do you guys breed?

Our “Biltong and Budz Bulk” category is a collection of bulk seeds from a variety of trusted breeders. At this point, most seeds listed are imported, with the exception of one or two in house (not the breeder In House Genetics) strains. We don’t claim for these bulk seeds to be bred by us, but rather our categorical placement is simply there to avoid confusion with “Bulk Seed Bank”, otherwise we would have just called it “Bulk Seeds”. You can be assured though, that even our bulk seeds are sourced from good breeders and aren’t simply just the result of a pollen chuck.

Why Don’t You Guys Offer Germination Guarantees?

Guaranteeing germination is something we did for a while, until we started to follow up with failed germinations and early seedling deaths. It became clear, very quickly that majority of cases of failed germination had to do less with the genetics and more with the grower. We were seeing avoidable deaths of plants occurring and we simply couldn’t continue to replace seeds at the costs we offer them for. We would prefer to keep our prices affordable and promote education on the germination and successful growing of seedlings. With that said, we will still look at cases where it is obvious that the error lies in the breeder or the packing.

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