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What is Fade and How to Achieve it?

If you’re a new grower, you may be unaccustomed to fade; while if you’re a more experienced grower, you may already have your own methods established to encourage more fade on your plants. But perhaps we can supply you with some information you weren’t previously aware of. The fade of cannabis leaves can be thought […]

Is It Worth Buying Expensive Genetics?

A frequently asked question, that is not that straight forward to answer. Whether or not it’s worth investing in high quality, expensive genetics depends entirely on what your intentions are with growing. If you’re a new grower with no experience you’ll definitely not want to be spending a lot of money on genetics which you may struggle to even get germinated correctly.

Cannabis Germination Guide

Please note that seed germination should only be done in locations where it is legal, and we do not endorse the germination of seeds in situations where doing so is illegal. While we sell souvenirs, we find it important to detail the germination process for those wishing to germinate in a legal capacity. Germinating seeds […]

Topical Cannabis Treatments

Why use topical? Cannabis has been used historically to treat a variety of ailments by topical application. Topical medicines are absorbed through the skin to affect a targeted area, as a minimally invasive way to administer, and as a way to reduce side effects. Recent research has confirmed that cannabinoids are effective at reducing pain […]