Certified Strains Orders

To comply with SAHPRA standards regarding legal grow operations in South Africa, we offer the ability to place custom orders for phytosanitary certified seeds.

These orders will be imported upon request and will be subject to longer shipping times than regular orders. There are specific sets of information we are required to get from you in order to place a request with our supplier, please ensure all the required fields are filled out sufficiently.

Below is a list of our supplier’s certified seeds, please let us know with the contact form below which strains you are interested in and we’ll get back to you shortly with a quote.

What we need from you…

Please email us, being sure to provide the following information so that we may proceed to request a quote from our supplier. There are strict conditions around the importation of certified seeds, so please ensure all details are accurate.

  • List of strains and their quantity (as selected from the list linked above)
  • Please let us know what paperwork or specific requirements you need to comply with local importation laws.
  • Genetic characteristics – type of seed, what is the ultimate use, how and where these are being cultivated.
  • A a copy of your import licence / certificate to cultivate, sell or market seeds locally. 

This information can be sent to info@biltongandbudz.co.za