Purple Cannabis

Cannabis buds can turn purple for a variety of reasons, including genetics, temperature, and exposure to light.

One of the primary reasons that some cannabis strains produce purple buds is due to their genetics. These strains contain high levels of anthocyanins, a type of pigment molecule that can give plants a purple or blue hue. Anthocyanins are also found in other fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries and eggplants.

In addition to genetics, the temperature can also play a role in causing cannabis buds to turn purple. When the plant is exposed to cooler temperatures, particularly at night, it can trigger the production of anthocyanins and cause the buds to turn purple. This process is similar to what happens to tree leaves in the fall when they change colour.

Exposure to light can also affect the colour of cannabis buds. Specifically, exposure to UV light can cause the plant to produce more anthocyanins, which can intensify the purple colouration.

It’s important to note that not all strains of cannabis will produce purple buds, even if exposed to the same environmental conditions. Additionally, while purple buds may look striking and beautiful, their colour does not necessarily indicate higher potency or better quality.