Fancy yourself a bit of a guru? Perhaps you’re just starting out and are keen to learn more about genetics, growing, and the plant itself. Take our quiz below and see how many questions you can get right. The questions will get subjectively harder as the quiz progresses.

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The Cannabis Quiz

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What do you call the primary resin-filled glands that are primarily on female flowers?

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Which of the following is not considered a common colloquial term for breaking up herb?

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What is the product that is extracted from the flower using a heated pressure plate called?

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Which of the following is not a pure landrace variety?

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While recent studies have suggested this thinking isn't accurate, what variety of cannabis was initially thought to be directly associated with a more energetic effect?

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When creating feminized seeds, which element has traditionally been used to reverse the female?

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What is the typical suggested flowering time by breeders for the average polyhybrid on the market?

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Level 3

What pest is most commonly noticed first by a series of small, pin-prick-like holes markings on the top of the leaf, smaller than that traditionally of other pests?

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Progressive yellowing on the lower leaves of a cannabis plant in the vegetative stage is most commonly a symptom of which deficiency?

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What do you call the unique expression of a cannabis plant that can vary between environments?

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In organic living soil growing, what is the acronym used to describe a natural Asian approach to organic farming?

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Level 4

What compound is most important when it comes to flavour profiles?

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Which strain do the elite clone-only cuts "Forum Cut" and "Thin Mints" originate from?

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Which fungus-based additive is known for its beneficial properties for root development?

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What element was historically vaporized above one's grow space, but is now typically applied as an organic foliar, which assists with the prevention of powdery mildew?

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Level 5 - Let's kick it up a gear!

What's the name given to leaves that lie only at the base of a bud?

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Which compound does THCa convert to overtime as the bud degrades, especially when exposed to air or light?

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Which strain/cut did SkunkVA become most recognized for preserving?

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Which breeder out of Europe collaborated with Alien Labs to create Spumoni?

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Level 6 - We're almost there

Which breeder & cultivator out of California hunted through several hundred seeds of OG Rascal's White Fire OG to find the Wifi#43 cut?

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Which method of crossing is most typically used to preserve clone-only cuts for seed release?

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Amblyseius swirskii is most commonly used as a predatory IPM approach to which pests?

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What brand of rolling papers and smoking accessories was started up by Berner (from Cookies) recently?

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Level 7 - The final tier

What two metrics are most important when looking at VPD (Vapor pressure deficit)?

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What micron bag are you most likely to use for pressing quality hash?

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