Cannabis Clinical Studies and Case Reports

There has been a large shift in public perception of cannabis in the past decade, thanks mostly to clinical studies which have come out showing overwhelming evidence that the plant is more of a friend than a foe to us. In fact, the recreational cannabis market owes much of its being to the initial presence of medical marijuana. Certainly of interest is the fact that it is no longer seen as a primarily youth orientated interest, but instead has become the saving grace of many elderly patients, now able to find relief due to cannabis.

It should be noted however that there remains claims from both cannabis lovers and those who oppose it that lack in sufficient evidence. Those who wish to suppress cannabis will often put out anti-weed rhetoric based off their own biases, with little link to factual information. On the other side are cannabis proponents who make unsubstantiated claims about the benefits and abilities of cannabis.

The internet is filled with extremely valuable documentation on both reports and case studies related to the effects and benefits of marijuana. You can use the site Cannabis-Meds in order to find a number of clinical studies and case reports which will help you ensure that your approach to cannabis is one that can be validated with sufficient information. While studies aren’t the be-all and end-all of information, they do provide us with a great platform for education.

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